After releasing our debut concept album, The Awakening, writing and recording two songs which were very important to us, Tuesday Morning came up for some air. 

Our breath of very fresh northern air inspired us to exhale a passion for creating some very cool music to bring you the feeling of being chill in your own headspace with room to spread out. 

We are thrilled to release “Vertigo” and “Epiphany” for your dose of sonic sensuality. Give them a spin. 

Available on Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and most others.


How about a sensually sonic, dizzying ride in your own headspace? Real vertigo isn't cool, but ours is. Give it a spin. 

Everything’s inverted, perverted 
Spinning vortex, firing line 
I’m fine 

Day is night 
Forward to rewind 

Swinging pendulum of circles 
Driving backwards, a tornado 

Wet is dry 
Don’t know why 

Inside-out, backward


Our paths reveal how we get there in the lost and found bin of life. Fail or pass, you’re the only one there is to ask.  

Flying through time  
Try to reason out your rhyme  
But will you get there  
Will you accept there  

Look back and sigh  
Question did you really try  
And did you get there  
Are you aware  

Too many second thoughts  Why can’t we pick our spots  
And just be there  

(On your path of broken glass)  
Find it  
(Fail or pass)  
In the moment  
Not alone and always near you (You’re the only one)  
And I hear you  
(There is to ask)  

Where star meets heaven  

New decision  
Inner vision  

White lights of shining shards  
Of your broken glass

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