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Tuesday Morning

Sometime during the night in early January, 2016, our daughter, Brittany, went into a coma. When she wouldn’t awaken that Tuesday morning, the call was made to 911 that every parent prays they will never have to make. 


Little darling, how you feeling this morning

Has your fever broken

Are you hungry, can I make you something

Not a word was spoken 

Something’s wrong I feel it

Shout her name and peel the lids back from her eyes 

Nothing there, I shake her

God, I’m scared and so I dial three numbers

Tuesday morning came without a warning 

She was taken away

Still in mourning and a new year dawning

She is slipping away


Lying helpless under frozen blankets

Flashing lights and life support

Hundred six, her fever, needles prick, they treat her

Waiting for reports

Doctors, nurses, reading bible verses

As I fall upon my knees


Endless moments, agonizing torment 

But somehow I must believe

Tuesday morning came without a warning

She is so far away

Tears are pouring, all our fears are forming

She is shaken today 




The Waiting


After a short time at a local hospital, Brittany’s condition was deemed critical. Medical transport brought her to a renowned hospital where she would remain for several weeks in the fight of her life. 




Miss You So Much

Brittany was sick with a bad cold when her Dad went away on business. Having no idea what was to come, he told her to wrap up in a blanket and sweat it out when he said goodnight to her over the phone. Those words, coupled with the image of his daughter’s life hanging by a thread, haunted him throughout his desperate return trip to get to the hospital.


Words were sent hardly meant

You’ve gone somewhere and I’m so far away

So many steps that I’ll retrace

I’ve got to get back to you

Then I walk in I see your face

I hold your hands but you won’t embrace

Can’t see your smile as I hold back the tears

I miss you so much my dear


Every time I close my eyes

I feel an emptiness inside

Every time I close my eyes

I miss you so much my dear



Hollow World 

This song came pouring out while sitting in Brittany's empty bedroom at home. We recorded it in one take because we wanted to capture the emotion in its purest form.


Is this goodbye or see you later

Because you’ve been gone for such a long time

We can’t abide your empty bedroom

It’s not a home without you here


Your favorite songs without you singing

A hollow world without you here

There is no rest though lights are dim

This isn’t how it was meant to be 




Pain Trials

Without a known cause for the insult to her brain, it was taking great effort to make the determination. This involved over two hundred tests by an incredible medical team. Watching her endure these trials was difficult enough, but seeing no reaction or improvement day after day was heart wrenching.


Watching you lie there without any change

Days into nights into days

Who would imagine an illness so rare

Are you still in there somewhere

Test upon test, you’ve been seen by the best

Without success in your pain trials

Tears us to bits with each strike off their list

Can you resist all these pain trials


Heal the holes in our chest

Rise-up and walk from these tests

Your spirit longs to break free

Open your eyes and you’ll see

Far away too long now

Get through this somehow


Minutes to hours, from darkness to light

Fearing the worst every night

Reading and talking and holding your hand

We’ll never leave your side

Questions no answers, if given the chance,

We’d trade places with you in your pain trials

Watching you languish is heartache and anguish

Bearing the cross in your pain trials


Far away too long now 

Get through this somehow





During the darkest days, our youngest daughter, Taylor, quietly dealt with this nightmare. Whenever we started to come unglued and our hopes waned, Taylor was our rock. She amazingly had the strength to help keep us sane while dealing with incredibly trying circumstances herself. This song speaks to the courage and resolve exhibited by Brittany's enigmatic little sister.


She’s small but she’s tough, shrewd and abrupt, telling it like it is

Quietly missing the family she loves, her strength is a gift from above

We’ve come to rely on her to keep our heads on

Frame it in balance, she’s the one


Sometimes it’s hard to stare truth in the eye

Face the fear head on, there’s no one like her


Dark little sister lighting the torch, carry us through the storm

Glowing in darkness, show us the way, keep all our fears at bay


Light in darkness

White film octaves

Fifteen birthdays

White film octaves




Open Your Eyes

We were encouraged to recreate life at home while Brittany was in her altered state. On the ninth day, we broke out the acoustic guitar and played our hearts out at the foot of her hospital bed. Though she lay there as still as ever at the time, somehow we must have gotten through because she opened her eyes the very next day.


Open your eyes sweet pretty girl

Look around hear the sounds smell the air

We’re around and we all wait

Can you feel us. Silence we will break

Hear our voices call out your name

We will sing to you our own refrain


When will you open up your eyes

When will you open up your eyes

Your daughter is a mystery. She may never wake

When will you open up your eyes


This girl is a mystery. She may never wake

Unknown is her destiny. Hope will never fade

We’ll get through to you because we are four

No other number will endure


Hear our voices call out your name

We will sing to you our own refrain

When will you open up your eyes

When will you open up your eyes

Can’t imagine a life without you

So much more to do

When will you open up your eyes

Open your eyes




The Awakening pt.1


Like the most beautiful vision ever seen, or the greatest sense of relief imagined, Brittany finally opened her eyes. In this song, we emulate the neurological process of awakening from a coma.




Who is She

Awake, but not lucid. Her eyes were open now but we knew there was a real chance she may never fully return to the incredible girl we knew. The day of her tracheostomy was especially hard, fearing she may never speak again. Regardless, we were immeasurably grateful for any version of Brittany.


Who is she now, does she have any idea

Caught in a dreamlike state, her moments surreal

The carefree life we shared may never be the same

The tests and trials of pain my drive us insane

We’re with you now and will be through every season

Breathe in breathe out this may be the last of that freedom


What lies ahead may be the fight of her life 

She doesn’t seem afraid of what’s coming tonight

Her future scars are on their way

She’s going under the blade

Already been through so much these weeks

Will we ever again hear her speak

Who is she now




The Awakening pt.2


The repetition necessary for recovery while in the ICU and therapy stretched on for a long time. Working toward her goal of being able to get back to her former self, Brittany pushed herself to her limit through accomplishments and setbacks. This song sheds a light at the end of the tunnel.




To Be Alive

Life can be hard on all of us, but what we have is life. This is a song of empowerment in overcoming obstacles and celebrating your one life with all the joy in your heart.


Hi, it’s me I am free

Humbled by the odds I’ve beat

Been shut down

Lost and Found

World turned upside down

Breathed the darkness, fed the light

I seized the urge and chose to fight

To be alive


I will be a champion for me

Beating a struggle unforeseen

Greater and stronger

Just watch me

To be alive 




Letting Go

With humble and grateful hearts, we watched our little girl ready to join the real world again. Stronger than ever, and touched by this experience, she let go of the past and smiled at her future. We were challenged to let go of the deep wounds of the past months and in our quest for healing, began to write all this music. The pure love expressed in this song sums it all up.


You learned to walk again. You started talking

Were on an uphill climb. The challenge of your mind

Has moved this mountain. We’ve all been counting the days

Stronger than ever you’ll face whatever tomorrow brings


Eternal gratefulness to family, neighbors, friends,

Doctors and nurses and all the bible verses

You came to life again and showed us everything

A person can achieve given the choice to give up or just believe


(Be strong now) So hard to say goodbye

(Let go now) Now that everything’s alright

(Take hold of your life) You’ve got to live your life

(Be bold now) You made it all the way

(Not long now) Onward to better days 

(Life’s going your way) With nothing standing in your way


Let go


So hard to say goodbye now that everything is alright

You’ve got to live your life. Your made it all the way

Onward to better days with nothing standing in your way


I’m leaving this evening this feeling is so sweet 

Time to try out my wings letting go of the strings

Going to reach for my dreams because I know what they mean

There’s no ceiling I’m the awakening


Hook up

Another Single Released!


Dedicated to Taylor and the class of 2018.

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